Thursday, March 21, 2013

Illustration 1 for Cinderella

This is an illustration of Anastsia (Cinderellas step sisiter). In this verson of Cinderella Anastsia is actually sweet and nice, not evil like in the original Cinderella. In this Scene she is introducing herself and the story. I am very proud of how my Anastsia turned out !

Image Transfer "Friends"

I really enjoyed this project. I liked experimenting some more with sponges and the effect they give the image. I like the added in Black and White that balanced it out. I love how my picture turned out.


This was a little inspired by my altered book. I like opposites and opposites that work together like the sun and the moon plus i genereally just have a thing for the moon. This whole project was mostly one big experiment after another, and I realy like how it turned out.

Altered Book

This is the front cover for my altered book. I was experamenting with paint and oil pastels. I might redo the cover but I'm not sure yet.
This is the table of contents for my Altered Book. I really liked how the blue and green went together and the texture the paint gives off.